Welcome to the world of easy to use equine gait screening


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Do you know if your horse is sound?

Is your training having an affect?

Is your horse recovering as expected?

Do you know why your horse feels different?

If you want to understand how your horse moves then you need Pegasus.  Pegasus is the only equine sensor based  movement analysis that gives the answers to all these question, quickly and easily.  There is no other system that can do all this without affecting you or your horse.

A Pegasus test will give you the following:-

Charlotte Tring PegasusV04

  • Test your horse with or without a rider in the field, yard or ménage:
  • Receive an instant report that informs you exactly how your horse is moving, not just stride but hock and cannon angles.
  • See how you affect your horse’s natural movement.
  • Surely this test must take hours to do? NO, it’s as easy as putting brushing boots on your horse, you will see the report of your horses movement 5 minutes after you have dismounted.
  • We don’t put dots on your horse that fall off.
  • You don’t have to lead your horse on concrete, backwards and forwards attempting to do the same thing each way.
  • You don’t have to worry about the weather when doing your test, Pegasus is used in all weathers, day light or night-time in a badly lit ménage or yard.
  • Pegasus does all gaits.
  • After seeing your report and you want to try something, no problem, jump back on the horse and do it, you will see if anything changes.

You want your horses Pegasus movement analysis done quickly with no fuss and in your horses’ natural environment, be good to your horse, get a Pegasus test.  Phone or email to book your test.

Pegasus is in use worldwide at the top level race horse yards, colleges and podiatrists, join the professionals, know how your horse moves.  Did you know Pegasus supported the World-class programme contributing to the success of our Olympic Equine team.